Friday, December 11, 2015

Creating the Sweet Sticky Rainbow Brand with Empire Kred

I am beginning to explore how to create a new Brand  via social media.   I have a couple of outlets for my digital artwork on Zazzle, Blogger and Typepad.  Each of them uses the name "Sweet Sticky Rainbow".  I am exploring how to use social media and blogging websites such as Hubpages, Twitter and Facebook to get my Brand known through the blogosphere and on the Interwebs.  I am also using this blog posting  to enter a competition on a social media Gamer site called Empire.Kred.

So far I have noticed that I see more traffic on my various web ventures.  I am also making new contacts, networking and supporting others in their online endeavors.  It is said that you have to be a blessing to get a blessing so I am also trying to employ that strategy by supporting the work of others.


Branding the Rainbow: Sweet Sticky Rainbows


I am creating my own Brand of rainbow colored art.  I call it Sweet Sticky Rainbows.

 Photographic Print

Stained Glass Rainbow Chocolate Countdown Calendar

 As the Cyber Sun Shrinks and Sets Throw Pillow 14" x 14" 

Home Decor



Screaming Pink Orgasm by poetrymanpoetry

The First Digital Daisy of Spring by poetrymanpoetry